Yusei Fudo and Stardust Dragon

Yusei Fudo  is the main protagonist of Yu-gi-oh 5d's, and was one of the Signers. He is known for and respected by many other characters in the show for his genius style of dueling, his considerable duel skill, and his cool and clever personality. In the English dub, "Let's rev it up!" is a common catchphrase that he uses when he summons a Synchro Monster. He is also the foster brother of Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan.

Yusei is usually depicted as being serious, calm and collected, even in very dangerous situations. Due to this he rarely acts on impulse and usually thinks things through before he plays any cards, always trying to stay one step ahead of his opponent. This is made obvious during his duels, as he regularly visualizes card flowcharts in his mind in order to devise his strategies. He is also very selfless, and is hesitant to put the safety of his friends, or anyone else at risk.


Yusei and the other Signers

Yusei sees friends as the most valuable thing a person can have; he believes no one should ever have to be alone, and tries to convince others who reject friendship that it is something to be embraced. He is close friends with the members of team 5d's: Jack, Crow, Akiza, Bruno, Leo, and Luna. He also is close friends with the people of Sattelite.

During riding duels, Yusei uses a Duel Runner, which he built

Yusei D-Runner

Yusei's duel runner

using raw materials in Sattelite. His Duel Runner resembles a red motorcycle witha a duel disk attached. He named his Runner, Yusei Go. 

He played a key role in defending Sattelite and Neo Domino from the Dark Signer in Season 1. He then became a lead member in Team 5d's during the Riding World Championship tournament in the later season.

Like the previous protagonists of Yu-gi-oh, Yusei is a highly skilled Duelist, and wins most of his Duels. He considers Jack to be his rival, as prior to the start of the series.